Dressage Anywhere- Virtual Horse Show

Such a fun weekend! Izzie and I participated in the Dressage Anywhere, UK Friesian Federation, Friesian League, virtual dressage show. The show season started in January and we just submitted our second entry for March. In January we entered the Introductory C class and for March we entered the Introductory B class. All of the... Continue Reading →

The Power of a Horse Hug

The power of a horse hug. It can make you forget the stresses of the day, lift the weight of the world from your shoulders and remind you that there is magic to be found in friendship.  How and why is that anyway? Horses are incredibly sensitive and preceptive and they have a large electromagnetic... Continue Reading →

Having Fun Bareback Riding

Tonight was a fabulously playful ride.  It was later in the day and I really wasn't feeling like "training". I went through my usual grooming routine and then moved on to  a light lunge session. Lunging lately has become so boring. Athena is so good at it. She picks up each new gait on cue,... Continue Reading →

Easter Party With Your Horse

The holidays are a great break in the routine. They are a time to celebrate, to do something out of the norm and to get a little silly. I love holidays and I especially love it when I get to bring my horse to the party too!  What better way to kick off spring than... Continue Reading →

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