Subtle Signs of a Tired horse

How do I know when my horse is tired?  This is a common question that is often answered in some variation of… "When you feel you don’t have any horse left.”  Well, that’s great, but what if you have a horse that just seems to keep going no matter what??? I hear you. I have... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home Athena!

In July of 2015, I welcomed Athena into our family. She had just turned 5 years old and was very green. To say I had no real idea what I was in for is an understatement. But, with excitement, a healthy dose of apprehension and a lot of logistical planning, Athena traveled from Washington State to... Continue Reading →

Canter Transition Success!

Headed to the barn, ready to ride, ready for the day to unwind. I slipped my Blundstone much boots on. I love these boots btw. They are so easy on and off, are super comfortable, great tred and the best part is they are still holding up to the rigors of days at the barn;... Continue Reading →

Magnesium Supplement… what a difference!

MagRestore Living in Maui, we are blessed with lush green pastures and lots of sunshine. It’s a great combination for a happy horse. Despite having such wonderful grazing options, I’ve needed to add in a few additional supplements to help balance the pasture nutrients and to help Athena function at her best.      One supplement... Continue Reading →

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