Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me: Abrazo Hug Fly Sheet Review

On the Hunt! Hunting for the perfect fly sheet! Living in Hawaii, and owning a baroque build Friesian sport horse has created quite the conundrum for finding the perfect fly sheet. With hot and humid weather year round, the fly sheet must be light weight and highly breathable. But, it still needs to provide good protection from those pesky flies and annoying “no seeums” and mosquitos. Since my mare will be wearing her sheet ALOT, it must also offer plenty of shoulder room so it doesn’t rub or become restrictive with daily wear. So many fly sheets look great when you first put them on, but after a full day of grazing, rolling and just being a horse, you return to find the fly sheet slid to one side, or so far back off the wither and neck, their shoulders are restricted and the blank is rubbing the shiny fur off your beautiful horse. 

I’ve tried so many different fly sheets,  I’ve started to feel like Goldilocks and the 3 little bears…. This one is too heavy, this one is too narrow, this one won’t stay in place and the list goes on…. But, I can say with satisfaction that the Hug Fly Sheet is fantastic and fits juuuuusst right. 

When I first unfolded the fly sheet from its packaging, I was slightly concerned as it felt heavy and the fabric didn’t look like it had enough of an open weave to allow airflow. But, I was willing to give it a try. 

It took a few moments to get all the straps on, adjusted correctly and the sheet positioned appropriately. With everything now fastened, the sheet draped perfectly.

I stood back to analyze the fit. It sure looked good. The hug closure neck opening is cut higher and rides above her shoulder allowing more freedom to move. With the clasp up around the wither, there is nothing to restrict the shoulder movement, which is fantastic. The neck also has elastic so it stretches with the horses up and down grazing movement. What a great idea! 

Now, for the best part, the fabric. It’s like magic. Just looking at the fabric and holding it, I thought it would be too heavy for our Hawaii climate. It’s a tight weave, and a durable fabric. But, it’s not too heavy. Even on the hottest days she has only had a little sweat along the seam that is double overlapped and most days no sweat at all. The slightly shiny grey fabric must be reflective some how. As I said, it’s like magic!

Now for the true test… all day pasture turnout. I turned Athena out and watched her happily graze, uninhibited by her new Hug Fly sheet. Satisfied with how it seemed to be fitting, I left for the day. Returning the next day I was pleased to see the Hug Fly Sheet hadn’t moved at all.. not one inch. Success! I think Athena and I may have found the fly sheet for us! 

Happy Horse, Happy Owner! 

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  1. Great to get my Friday Fuzion of Equestrian information! I have not heard about that particular fly sheet so appreciate your detailed blog post. The pictures are great also and tell the story too. Thank you! Keep those posts coming!😊


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