Maui Storms… not always a tropical paradise

30kt winds, sideways pouring rain, water drops the size of gumdrops. Sloppy paddocks and gutterless barns. Not entirely a picture perfect tropical post card. We love the rain…really we do. The rain makes our pastures green and our waterfalls flow. But, we really aren’t set up for rainy weather. The ground, with a base of…

First Equi-Pole Ground Pole Session. Gymnastics for your horse!

Today I set out our first Equi-pole Polework App exercise; the snake. You can see the resemblance as the poles zig zag down the center of the arena. I choose this exercise because I wanted something simple as an introduction to pole work for Izzie. In our recent training sessions we have been working on…

The Power of a Horse Hug

The power of a horse hug. It can make you forget the stresses of the day, lift the weight of the world from your shoulders and remind you that there is magic to be found in friendship.  How and why is that anyway? Horses are incredibly sensitive and preceptive and they have a large electromagnetic…

Hay Chix Hay Nets- Slow feeding at it’s best!

I’m a huge fan of Hay Chix Hay Nets!! Did you know the average horse needs 15-20lbs of forage a day. That number can increase depending on the size and workload of the horse. While hay is a great forage for meeting the nutritional needs of the horses, a typical flake can range from 3-5lbs…

Having Fun Bareback Riding

Tonight was a fabulously playful ride.  It was later in the day and I really wasn’t feeling like “training”. I went through my usual grooming routine and then moved on to  a light lunge session. Lunging lately has become so boring. Athena is so good at it. She picks up each new gait on cue,…

Easter Party With Your Horse

The holidays are a great break in the routine. They are a time to celebrate, to do something out of the norm and to get a little silly. I love holidays and I especially love it when I get to bring my horse to the party too!  What better way to kick off spring than…

Lessons I’ve learned from riding in imperfect conditions

1.) The horse can do it. When I first started riding on uneven surfaces such as in grass fields and out on the trail my horse would trip and stumble. I would get so frustrated, often complaining ” this is never going to work… we can’t do our “dressage” training with such crappy footing. I…


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  1. I found your blog. Yay…
    Many beautiful pictures. It’s so good to see you have so much fun with Athena and Izzie.
    Xo Lisette


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