Easter Party With Your Horse

The holidays are a great break in the routine. They are a time to celebrate, to do something out of the norm and to get a little silly. I love holidays and I especially love it when I get to bring my horse to the party too! 

What better way to kick off spring than with a mounted Easter Egg hunt, a spring time bonnet and of course lots of laugher and big smiles.

Bonus! Planning holiday activities with your horse provides a great platform for working on desensitizing, encouraging curiosity and promoting trust with your equine friend.

Some things to consider when planning your party:

1.) All of your festive decorations and costume items, while they look pretty and are just for fun, may be scary to your horse. Introduce your horse to these items slowly and with patience. Give them a chance to look at the decorations and sniff things if they desire. Allow them time to process the new things they are seeing. 

2.) If you decide to carry a bucket for collecting eggs on your Easter hunt show it to your horse first. Rattle the eggs inside the bucket and give your horse the opportunity to become familiar with the sound before setting out on your hunt. The sound of plastic eggs rolling around a bucket can be unsettling, especially if it’s coming from above as it will be when you carry it while riding. 

3.) If you haven’t put things on your horses head previously, go slowly. Allow them to sniff, nibble, and look at the hat before you go straight to putting it on. 

Most of all… have fun and laugh! Fun times with our horses are really what it’s all about!

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  1. Too too fun! What a wonderful way to introduce your fur buddy to your family traditions! Love it! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us in the horse community!


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